Website Copy

The words you're reading? Someone wrote them.

Website copy is as much informed by who you are and what you're about as it is by search engine optimization. Balancing those needs requires a skilled craftsman.

(That's PPLPWRD.) 


Seriously though...

Whether it’s editing for grammar, sprucing up dated language or creating copy for a new website launch, the writing for your website deserves to be the best. "Lorem ipsum" simply will not cut it.

Brand Voice

Could your brand crack a joke? Mourn sincerely? Yell ecstatically? Show empathy?

Your brand's voice adds a human component to all organizational communication and it directly relates to your company culture and how you best communicate. It's about more than just jokes.

We work with you to determine your brand voice, and we'll also provide you with a brand voice guide to share with anyone writing on behalf of your company.

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Social Media Strategy & Content

Come on people, it's 2017. If you're not using social media in your marketing strategy by now, well, we're more than happy to get you started.

We'll help you determine the right audiences to engage, platforms to use, and a frequency you can manage.

Email Marketing

Even with social media getting all of the attention, email marketing still ranks as the second most effective channel for digital marketing, and it is easy to understand why.

Email marketing gives you direct access to your audience's inbox (with their permission, of course).


Subject: Insert here

We keep up-to-date on email marketing tactics so you don't have to, plus we can work with the email service provider you are already using, be it MailChimp, Constant Contact or even (heaven forbid) Vertical Response.


Search is a foundational aspect of any digital marketing plan. From organic search to pay-per click advertising, PPLPWRD is ready to help your website work and rank well.


Google certified

Evan (and therefore PPLPWRD) is Google AdWords Search certified. Proof of that certification can be found here.



Get Started

Digital marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming, and working with the right partner can give you peace of mind and real results. So what are you waiting for? Contact PPLPWRD today!